Trade in Deutsche Post shares!

Analysis before buying or selling Deutsche Post shares

Trade in Deutsche Post shares!

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In this article, we will tackle together all the important points that will allow you to analyze the share price of the Deutsche Post group before your investments in this value online. Indeed, to help you in the implementation of these analyzes, we will give you some information about this company with the details of its activities, its economic environment with its main competitors in this sector of activity as well as its recent partnerships. We will also examine the elements that should be studied during your fundamental analysis of this asset.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Deutsche Post shares

Analysis N°1

Firstly, we would of course monitor the demand from this activity sector and its changes over time, principally where related to Express services in Europe.

Analysis N°2

The global economical growth is also highly significant as it directly impacts air freight and logistics.

Analysis N°3

We would also follow the acquisition operations completed by the Deutsche Post Group notably in the logistical services sector.

Analysis N°4

The intensification of the use of electronic services by consumers is a significant indicator as well as the methods employed by the company to respond to them.

Analysis N°5

We would also monitor the competitors in this activity sector, particularly those that are well implanted on the market.

Analysis N°6

Finally, the activities of the Deutsche Post Group can be influenced by movements in the price of fuel and therefore in the price of oil.

Analysis before buying or selling Deutsche Post shares
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General presentation of Deutsche Post

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In this concise presentation of the Deutsche Post Group we will enter a little further into details of this company with information on its sources of revenue and how the company’s turnover is generated according to the various activities and the geographical sector.

Firstly it should be remembered that the Deutsche Post Group is a German company that exercises its activities in the transport and logistical services sector. To better understand the activities of this company it is possible to divide them into several categories according to the turnover amount and how it is generated.

  • The logistical services solutions of this group including infrastructure management, the transport and storage of merchandise and the freight activities represent over 51.3% of the group’s turnover.
  • Then we have the express delivery activities of the group which are operated under the Express and Global Mail brands which generate 25.6% of the turnover.
  • The distribution of mail including letters and printed papers as well as direct marketing materials represent 22.8% of the Deutsche Post Company’s turnover.
  • The remaining 0.3% of the company’s turnover is derived from other associated activities.

Concerning the geographical sources of the group’s revenue we note that Deutsche Post achieves 30.5% of its turnover in Germany and 30% from other European countries. 18.1% of its turnover is derived from America and 17.5% from Pacific Asia, the remaining 3.9% is from other countries around the world.

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The major competitors of Deutsche Post

Let us now examine the major competitors of Deutsche Post in the express distribution and transport / logistical sectors:


This American company is also an airline company specialised in the transport of international freight. It operates in over 220 countries worldwide and employs over 400,000 people with a float of 150,000 vehicles and 650 airplanes. This company owns and operates 11 major hubs in America, Europe and Asia.


United Parcels Service is an American company that operates through a system of hubs whereby the distribution centres receive the parcels and then forward them to the hubs for sorting and sending on to their final destinations. This company is quoted on the NYSE market.


This is a French umbrella company that is part of the La Poste Group which combines the express parcel activities of this group in Europe and throughout the world. Geopost owns and operates 840 hubs and sorting centres that are connected by 500 international routes and in 35 European countries. It employs 26,000 people in 26 countries and includes over 20,000 delivery partners.

The major partners of Deutsche Post

Let us now present the latest partnerships implemented by the Deutsche Post Group which have exerted a direct influence on this company’s share price:


The Total Group and Deutsche Post signed a strategic co-operative agreement in 2019 aimed at strengthening their partnership and developing their commercial objectives on an international level. Their complementary geographical locations will prove advantageous from various new commercial perspectives as both client and supplier. This partnership aims primarily at co-operating on technological and digital challenges and tackling climatic hindrances and both companies can in this way implement multi-energy projects with long term mobility and new management and logistical solutions for transport fleets as well as global forwarding, added value supply chain solutions and express mail solutions.


In 2016, Deutsche Post signed a partnership with Ford with the intention of designing 2,500 electric vans. These vehicles were then integrated into the delivery fleet of the German group Deutsche Post at the end of 2018. Due to this partnership the Ford Group became number one in the construction of electric vans in Europe.


Deutsche Post signed an agreement in 2014 with the French automobile constructer Renault relating to electric vehicles. The German employees of Deutsche Post were thereby supplied with Kangoo ZE vehicles from this French brand. It should be remembered here that the German Group already possessed 304 electric vehicles including the Kangoo, Zoé and Twizy models.

Trade in Deutsche Post shares!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current organisation of the Deutsche Post DHL Group?

The Deutsche Post DHL Group is composed, as indicated by its name, of two large groups or entities. These are Deutsche Post, the German Post Office which is responsible for the transport and delivery of mail and parcels in Germany, and DHL which is responsible for international transport and logistics which is itself composed of several specialised divisions.

How has the Deutsche Post share price moved recently?

During the past year the share price of Deutsche Post has risen overall with a positive trend up to February 2020 marked by a few specific downwards corrections. Since March 2020 the price of this share has significantly lost value due mainly to a lessening in activity through the corona virus health crisis.

What are the 2020 financial objectives of the Deutsche Post group?

The Deutsche Post Group published its 2020 financial objectives with an EBITDA of 500 million Euros, a free cash flow of 1.4 billion Euros and investments of around 2.6 billion Euros. The dividend distribution should be approximately 40 to 60% of the group’s net profit. These objectives should be compared with the annual financial results.

Trade in Deutsche Post shares!

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