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Analysis before buying or selling Curevac shares

Trade the Curevac share!

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If you are interested in CureVac shares and wish to complete an investment online of this asset or purchase some shares for your stock market portfolio then it is best that you obtain all the essential information about this company so you can interpret the data and signals. Through this dedicated article on this company you will find all the major information you need concerning its activities and sources of income, its principal competitors and major partners as well as data on the factors you should take into consideration when completing a fundamental analysis.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Curevac shares

Analysis N°1

Of course, regarding the activity sector of the CureVac Company you should attentively follow the innovations of this group and the clinical trials undertaken relating to its products undergoing development and the results obtained. This data can be found directly on the official company website.

Analysis N°2

In much the same way, we would also monitor the advances made through research undertaken by this company’s principal competitors that could strongly and directly impact the growth possibilities of CureVac.

Analysis N°3

The strategic partnerships that the CureVac Group implements are also important. In fact, the company receives a large part of its research financing from laboratories that, in return, benefit from marketing rights to the products thereby created. It is therefore important to stay informed on major events and news of this kind.

Analysis N°4

It is also singularly important to monitor the strategic objectives of this group and its quarterly and annual financial results which are also communicated regularly by the group.

Analysis before buying or selling Curevac shares
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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money -

General presentation of Curevac

We shall now take a few moments to provide some more detailed information on the CureVac Company. This will particularly assist you in better understanding the challenges and threats facing this company and how it can boost its growth over the coming years.

The CureVac Company is a German group specialised in the biopharmaceutical sector which is based in Tubingen. It is in fact specialised in the development of therapies based on the RNA messenger, or mRNA and notably concentrates on the development of vaccines for infectious diseases, medicines for the treatment of cancer and rare illnesses.

The company was created in the year 2000 and now employs over 370 people.

To finance its research CureVac regularly implements collaboration agreements with different laboratories around the world. In 2020 it notably participated in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic with its vaccine.

The major competitors of Curevac

We shall now continue with an analysis of the CureVac Company’s competition with a brief presentation of the major competitors of this major biotech company which are therefore all large biotech companies specialised in the RNA messenger.

Moderna Therapeutics 

Firstly, we would attentively follow the Moderna Therapeutics Company which is an American biotechnological company created in 2010 which is specialised in protein therapies based on the RNA messenger technology. In 2020 it developed a vaccine against Covid-19 which was launched in the beginning of 2021 in the United States and the European Union.


Another major competitor of the CureVac Company is this German biotechnology company specialised in the development and manufacture of immunotherapies active in the treatment of severe illnesses. The group notably develops remedies based on the RNA messenger or mRNA for use as an immunotherapy against cancer as well as a vaccine against certain infectious illnesses such as protein replacement therapy for rare diseases and for cellular therapy, new antibodies and small molecule immune-modulators in the treatment against cancer. The group has also perfected a human therapy based on the mRNA for intravenous administration with the aim of offering an individual anticancer immunotherapy based on the mRNA for clinical trials. Of course, BioNTech has become renowned due to its development in 2020 of a vaccine against the new corona virus in partnership with the Pfizer laboratory which boosted a rise in its stock market share price of numerous points.

Translate Bio

Finally, the last major competitor of CureVac we shall examine here is Translate Bio Inc. which is specialised in RNA messenger therapies. It notably develops treatments for illnesses caused by protein or genetic dysfunction. To do so this company uses its own mRNA therapy platform and has created an mRNA that encodes the functional proteins. This group perfected a vaccine against Covid-19 in 2020 and currently employs over 120 people.

The major partners of Curevac

To conclude we will now examine the strategic partnerships implemented by CureVac which are highly important for the analysis of this asset. Here are two recent examples of significant partnerships signed by this company:


Firstly in 2021 the Bayer Group signed a partnership agreement with Curevac with the aim of supporting the development of its vaccine against covid-19 which was at that point undergoing clinical development. The two companies would thereby collaborate for the production and sale of an RNA messenger vaccine with the objective of facilitating the supply of several hundred million doses. Therefore, through this strategic partnership CureVac hopes that this year, 2021 it can launch its new Covid-19 vaccine onto the market. It should be remembered here that this company announced the third and final clinical trial phase of this vaccine in December 2020. The European Commission has already signed a contract with this company related to the purchase of 405 million doses. Bayer will provide its expertise and infrastructure that is already established related to clinical operation affairs, regulatory expertise and pharmacovigilance, medical information and supply chain performance.


Another major partnership was signed with the GlaxoSmithKline Company with the objective of together developing next generation vaccines against Covid-19 which were destined to be effective against several variants in a single vaccine product. The two groups announced they were hoping to launch this new vaccine sometime between now and 2022. It should also be remembered here that the GSK laboratory owns part of CureVac and announced that it is also collaborating and assisting with the manufacture of nearly 100 million doses of a first generation vaccine candidate of CureVac in 2021. The global value of this agreement was around 150 million Euros. As the premier vaccine manufacturer worldwide GSK has also joined in the race against the covid-19 virus pandemic after a late start relating to its alliance with Sanofi Pasteur and the conclusion of a preceding collaboration with the Chinese company Clover Biopharmaceuticals.

Trade the Curevac share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the treatments developed by CureVac manufactured?

The biotechnological company CureVac owns and operates its own production facilities. In 2020 it employed nearly 150 people on these production sites which included one factory already operational and two under construction. Also, the company will shortly create a fourth factory with the objective of producing billions of vaccine doses per year. To do so the company has received support of around 80 million Euros from the European Union.

On which markets is the CureVac share price quoted?

Given that this company exercises its activities in the biotechnologies sector it is quoted on the Nasdaq stock market in the United States, more particularly the Global Select Market of this financial marketplace which is dedicated to technological assets. The company is also included in the Nasdaq 100 stock market index which unites the 100 top technological companies.

Where to find important news and events relating to the CureVac Company?

Do you wish to complete comprehensive analyses of the CureVac share price? In this case you should closely follow all the significant news and events of this company by, for example, visiting the section reserved for investors and shareholders on this company’s official website or subscribing to a personalised news feed online or through your preferred trading platform.

Trade the Curevac share!

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