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Analysis before buying or selling Criteo shares

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Before you start speculating on Criteo's share price, we suggest that you improve your knowledge of this stock. In order to make a good analysis of this stock, you need to know the Criteo company and its economic environment. We will present you the activities of this group and its main sources of income, its direct competitors on the market or its recent partnerships. Of course, we will also present you the indicators that you should follow in the news to make a good fundamental analysis of this stock.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Criteo shares

Analysis N°1

Of course, Criteo's innovation and R&D spending will need to be closely monitored. It is by offering ever more innovative solutions that Criteo will be able to stand out from the competition.

Analysis N°2

Competition will also be an important point to monitor by studying both the evolution of the market shares of the players already present in this sector as well as new entrants, as the barriers to entry in this segment are relatively low.

Analysis N°3

Criteo's strategic marketing operations, such as potential acquisitions, strategic partnerships and long-term contracts with major clients, will also be monitored.

Analysis N°4

The strategic development plans that are communicated to shareholders each year at the company's annual general meetings will also be important elements to consider in the fundamental analysis.

Analysis N°5

Finally, you should also take note of the actual annual or quarterly results of the group, comparing them with analysts' forecasts and with the objectives previously set by the company's management.

Analysis before buying or selling Criteo shares
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General presentation of Criteo

Of course, it is important to know a company well before trading its stock. Thus, as far as Criteo is concerned, we suggest that you discover here a complete presentation of this company and its activities in order to help you understand what its future stakes may be and in which sector it operates.

Criteo SA is a French company that operates in the digital sector. More precisely, this company is specialized in digital marketing and performance.

The Criteo Group's solution includes the Criteo Engine, the company's data assets, access to inventory and its advertiser and publisher platforms.

The Criteo Engine consists of various machine learning algorithms such as predictive algorithms, recommendation algorithms, bidding algorithms, creative algorithms and the overall hardware and software infrastructure. The system is responsible for delivering ads through multiple marketing channels and formats such as display banner ads, native banner ads and marketing messages sent to opt-in email addresses.

Ads are delivered to all devices and screens including desktop and laptop web browsers, mobile web browsers on smartphones and tablets, and mobile applications.

Criteo is present in more than 90 countries through a network of more than 30 international offices based in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific. It currently employs nearly 2,594 people.

The major competitors of Criteo

After learning the essential information about Criteo's business, you should also learn about the company's competitive environment. So, here you can find out the main competitors of the company at the moment.


Of course, the American giant Google, a subsidiary of the Alphabet group, is a direct competitor of Criteo and one of the leaders in digital advertising. It offers various technological services and is second only to the French company in this segment.


Another direct competitor to Criteo is this global technology company that offers an open platform for seamlessly triggering marketing campaigns at scale to achieve concrete goals. Through its TerminalOne platform, the company activates data, automates campaign execution and optimizes interactions with prospects and customers across all digital channels.


We must also count on the competition of the Adobe group, which is an IT company that publishes mainly graphics software as well as video and audio editing software that have become real references throughout the world. But Adobe has recently diversified into marketing and more specifically digital marketing with solutions for the automation of online advertising.


Finally, AdRoll's platform is also in direct competition with Criteo's solutions. It allows for prospecting and retargeting and is mainly intended for marketing professionals for whom the software allows them to obtain new customers through retargeting by encouraging visitors to return to their website by broadcasting personalized ads on multiple devices, on the Internet or on social networks.

The major partners of Criteo

It goes without saying that Criteo is also growing through the establishment of various strategic partnerships with other companies. Here are two concrete examples of this type of alliance to help you better understand the challenges.


Notably in 2019, Criteo Group announced a global partnership with Pixalate, the world's leading cross-platform ad fraud detection and prevention solution. Through this partnership, Criteo is committed to increasing protection against invalid traffic, or IVT, and poor quality inventory that continues to plague the advertising industry. Pixalate complements Criteo's existing IVT detection engine and provides advertisers with real visibility into the ad space purchased on their behalf. The partnership with Pixalate is another step in Criteo's commitment to better inventory quality for its partners and, by partnering with this leading third-party provider, the company is committed to ensuring high levels of protection for its existing tools and protocols.

Imedia Center

Also in 2019, Criteo has partnered with IMedia Center, the leading retail advertising consultancy, to launch its offer on the unique Auchan Retail website. Thanks to this agreement, Criteo has become the only technological partner for the monetization of the Auchan group's websites. The partnership is therefore part of an exclusive development dynamic initiated by IMedia Center since 2016.

Trade the Criteo share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which investors participated in the development of Criteo?

Several investors have provided Criteo with the funds necessary for its creation and growth. These investors include European, American and Japanese venture capital funds. Criteo has raised over €50 million since 2006. Criteo's IPO will take place in October 2013 and it will be the first French company to join the NASDAQ. Criteo will raise up to €200 million on this occasion.

Who are the largest shareholders of Criteo Group?

Criteo's capital is currently divided between major private shareholders and other minor shareholders. The largest shareholders are BPIFrance with 8.49%, DBN Asset Management with 7.65%, AllianceBernstein with 6.03%, Okomus Fund Management with 5.89%, Allianz Global Investors with 5.64%, Morgan Stanley & Co International with 5.63%, Deer Management with 5.46%, International Value Advisers with 5.03%, Greenvale Capital with 3.96% and Acadian Asset Management with 3.90%.

What type of analysis should I use to study Criteo stock?

In order to make good analyses of the Criteo share and try to predict the future variations of its price, you must multiply the types of analyses. Indeed, you can first perform a technical analysis of this stock by studying the different graphical indicators. You can then complete this analysis with a fundamental analysis which will study the news of Criteo and its economic environment in order to detect interesting signals of rise or fall.

Trade the Criteo share!

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