Trade the Crispr Therapeutics share!

Analysis before buying or selling Crispr Therapeutics shares

Trade the Crispr Therapeutics share!

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Do you want to invest in the biotech sector and buy Crispr Therapeutics stock? In this case, we suggest that you first get acquainted with all the information you might need to analyze this stock. We will indeed discover together the precise activities and sources of profits of this company, its main competitors and partners but also general stock exchange data about this stock and some information to make good fundamental analyses of its price with the elements to be watched in priority.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Crispr Therapeutics shares

Analysis N°1

Of course, it is important to keep a close eye on the ongoing clinical trials at Crispr Therapeutics and their progress and results.

Analysis N°2

We will also have to monitor the marketing authorizations for treatments developed by the group in Europe and the United States.

Analysis N°3

It will also be necessary to take into account the various partnerships that Crispr will be able to set up with other companies and in particular with certain laboratories and which will aim at financing part of their research.

Analysis N°4

The group's financial results, published each year and each quarter, will also have an influence and it is necessary to monitor their evolution as well as their adequacy or not with the analysts' forecasts and the objectives fixed in the company's roadmap.

Analysis N°5

It is also interesting to monitor Crispr Therapeutics' competitors and in particular biotechs that are conducting similar research and aiming for equivalent treatments.

Analysis N°6

Finally, the current state of the healthcare sector, its needs and recent scientific discoveries will also have an impact on this value.

Analysis before buying or selling Crispr Therapeutics shares
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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money -

General presentation of Crispr Therapeutics

Let's take a look at Crispr Therapeutics and its business and revenue streams. Indeed, knowing this company and how it generates profits will help you understand the challenges and opportunities for growth.

Crispr Therapeutics AG is a Swiss biotechnology company. The company specializes in the development of gene-based transforming drugs for the treatment of serious diseases.

The group is developing products through the Crispr gene-editing platform, which enables precise directed changes to DNA.

The company has a portfolio of therapeutic programs in various fields such as hemoglobinopathy, oncology, regenerative medicine and rare diseases.

Crispr's lead treatment candidate is CTX001 which is an Ex Vivo Crispr gene therapy aimed at the treatment of patients with transfusional beta thalassaemia or sickle cell disease of the severe variety in which a patient's haematopoietic stem cells are modified to produce high levels of foetal haemoglobin in red blood cells. The company has commercial operations in London and the UK and research and development activities in the US. It currently employs 410 people.

The major competitors of Crispr Therapeutics

Now let's take a look at the major competitors of Crispr Therapeutics Group that you should watch out for in your analysis of these stocks.

Caribou Biosciences Inc

This US clinical-stage biotech company is also using CRISPR genome editing for the discovery and development of immune cell-based cancer therapies. In particular, it is focused on developing a pipeline of genome-edited CAR-T and natural killer or NK cell therapies for a range of tumour types.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

This American multinational company provides research and analysis equipment to laboratories. This company was created in 2006 through a merger between Thermo Electron Corporation and Fisher Scientific.

Merck KGaA 

This German company, based in Darmstadt and founded in 1668, operates in the pharmaceutical and chemical sectors. The group employs 55,000 people in about 66 countries. Among the group's priorities are the production of original pharmaceutical products, generics and various offerings in the chemicals sector.


Finally, this American company is a legal entity that provides laboratories with a plasmid bank while maintaining their precise identification. Its objective is to facilitate the exchange of genetic material between laboratories by storing plasmids and their associated cloning data. Plasmids are shipped to laboratories worldwide for use in scientific research. The group also offers a free online database of plasmid cloning information and references including lists of commonly used backbone vectors, common lentiviral plasmids and molecular cloning protocols.

The major partners of Crispr Therapeutics

Of course, the Crispr Therapeutics group does not only have competitors and adversaries in its field of activity but can also count on strategic partnerships with other companies:


In 2016, the Crispr Therapeutics group notably allied with the Bayer laboratory by creating the joint venture Casebia Therapeutics. This company then aimed to launch research in the field of hematology and ophthalmology treatments.


Also in 2016, it was with Anagenesis Biotechnologies that Crispr announced a collaborative license agreement giving Crispr Therapeutics worldwide exclusivity on Anagenesis' Paraxial Mesoderm production technology for the purpose of developing cell therapies for muscle diseases. Anagenesis owns the P2MC technology and holds the exclusive worldwide license obtained with the support of the AFM-Telethon, INSERM-Transfert, the CNRS and the University of Strasbourg. This technology allows, among other things, to differentiate stem cells into muscle progenitors including satellite cells. This agreement will enable the development of cell therapies using gene-editing in order to correct certain genetic muscle anomalies and has signed a first contract with Duchenne.

Trade the Crispr Therapeutics share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the treatments developed by Crispr Therapeutics?

Several trials are currently underway at Crispr Therapeutics including the drug CTX001 in the treatment of the rare blood disorders, beta thalassemia and sickle cell disease and developed with Vertex Pharmaceuticals. This received FDA orphan drug designation in the US in 2020 for sickle cell disease and transfusion-dependent beta thalassemia and initial clinical results have confirmed the safety and efficacy of this treatment.

On which market and stock index is Crispr Therapeutics stock listed?

Crispr Therapeutics Group is a Swiss company and its stock is therefore logically listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and its main stock index, the SMI. However, as a biotech company with operations in the US and the rest of the world, it is also continuously listed on the Nasdaq market and the Nasdaq 100 stock index of leading technology stocks.

Where and how to buy Crispr Therapeutics stock online?

To buy Crispr Therapeutics shares online, you can go through a broker or online bank using a stock market investment account such as a PEA or a securities account. But you can also choose to trade directly on the price of this stock through derivatives such as CFDs.

Trade the Crispr Therapeutics share!

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