Trade the Cellectis share!

Analysis before buying or selling Cellectis shares

Trade the Cellectis share!
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The Cellectis share, which is part of the biotech sector, is a stock that you can trade in the short, medium or long term and that shows a high volatility. But before you start trading this stock, it is important to take the time to get to know this company well. In this dedicated article, we propose you to discover the detailed activities of this company, its recent partnerships or its competitors but also its history and some other information that will help you to set up your own anticipations based on consistent analysis.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Cellectis shares

Analysis N°1

First of all, and with regard to the activities carried out by Cellectis, we will have to closely follow the progress of the various phases of clinical trials conducted on the company's treatment candidates as well as the authorizations obtained from the various health regulatory bodies.

Analysis N°2

We will also have to closely monitor the strategic partnerships that Cellectis may establish, particularly with certain major scientific and pharmacological laboratories, with the aim of financing its research.

Analysis N°3

The investments made by the group in the development of its platform will also be important elements to be taken into account when analysing the income statements.

Analysis N°4

The company's annual and quarterly results should also be examined here. Ideally, they should be compared with the company's growth targets and the expectations of analysts in the sector.

Analysis N°5

Finally, it will also be necessary to keep an eye on the competition in this sector of activity and in particular on the biotech companies carrying out research targeting similar or similar diseases or health problems.

Trade the Cellectis share!
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General presentation of Cellectis

Cellectis is a French company specializing in clinical-stage biopharmaceuticals. More specifically, it specializes in the development of a new generation of immunotherapy treatments to fight cancer based on unequal CAR-T cells or UCART.

Cellectis is a fairly old company in this sector, having been active in the field of genome engineering for more than 18 years. In particular, it has the THALEN genome editing technology and an innovative electroporation technology called PulseAgile. With its experience, know-how and technology, Cellectis is looking for a way to eliminate cancer cells using the patient's immune system.

Cellectis is a pioneer in genome research applied to life sciences and its main goal is to create innovative treatments to treat different diseases and therefore applicable to several markets.

In addition to knowing the detailed activities of the Cellectis group, you should also know the different subsidiaries of this company and their specialties. This will help you to better analyze the elements that can influence the price of this stock in a more or less strong way. Here are the two main subsidiaries of Cellectis at the moment.

  • The Calyxt subsidiary, formerly known as Cellectis Plant Sciences, is based in Minnesota and more precisely in New Brighton, USA. It is specialized in the development of healthier food products. To achieve this goal, Calyxt has developed a platform to improve the agronomic value and quality of crops for the world's agricultural and food industries.
  • The second subsidiary of the Cellectis group that you should know about is Cellectis Inc, also based in the United States but this time in New York. This subsidiary is specialized in the development of innovative programs using T lymphocytes armed with a CAR targeting certain types of cancers.
Analysis before buying or selling Cellectis shares
Trade the Cellectis share!
78% of retail CFD accounts lose money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on eToro

The major competitors of Cellectis

It is also interesting to know the direct competition of the Cellectis group with the other biotechs that operate in the same segment as it. Here is a quick presentation of the main competitors of Cellectis:

Kite Pharma

This American biotechnology company develops immunotherapy products against cancer, mainly using autologous T cells genetically modified with chimeric antigenic receptors. It is a subsidiary of the Gilead Science group.

BlueBird Bio

This other American biotechnology company is also developing gene therapies for cancer and serious genetic disorders. In particular, it is developing the LentiGlobin gene therapy for the treatment of sickle cell disease and cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy, as well as treatment candidates for acute myeloid leukemia, Merkel cell carcinoma, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and MAGEA4 solid tumors.

Allogene Therapeutics

This company specializes in clinical immuno-oncology. The company is focused on the development and commercialization of allogeneic T-cell therapies for the treatment of cancer and is involved in the development of a pipeline of multiple chimeric allogeneic T-cell receptor product candidates using protein engineering, genetic modification, gene insertion and T-cell manufacturing technologies and other such treatments.


It is the largest Brazilian pharmaceutical company with 6 industrial sites in the country and operates through different divisions including EMS Similar for the similar market, EMS Generics for the generics market, EMS Sigma Pharma for branded drugs, EMS Hospital for hospital drugs and EMS Consumer for over-the-counter drugs. The EMS Group currently operates in more than 30 countries through joint ventures and strategic partnerships with other pharmaceutical companies.

Celgene Corporation

Finally, the pharmaceutical company Celgene specializes in the manufacture of cancer treatments and immunological drugs. Its flagship product is Revlimid or lenalidomide which is used in the treatment of multiple myeloma and certain anemias. It is also important to note that Celgene is currently one of the subsidiaries of the BMS Group for Bristol Myers Squibb.

The major partners of Cellectis

Like all companies in the biotech research sector, Cellectis' business depends to a large extent on the strategic alliances and partnerships that it establishes with major laboratories. To better understand how these partnerships can influence the company's results and therefore its share price, we now invite you to discover the most recent alliances in this field.


In 2012, for example, the Cellectis group concluded a partnership agreement with the Total group in the field of biofuel research and more specifically in the development of oil substitutes derived from microalgae. The partnership includes an initial phase lasting one year, followed by another phase lasting two to three years. The main goal of this research is to enable the use of microalgae to complement Total's offer and reduce its environmental impact through its chemical and energy activities. The two groups have thus developed various methods and tools for genome engineering on certain species of microalgae selected for their specificities. A second phase of study then focused on trait engineering with precise modifications of the metabolism and the species in the context of the production of oil-derived compounds. Cellectis is thus playing a key role in genome engineering to boost the domestication of selected microalgae species. As for Total, it is bringing to this project its know-how in biotechnology research and development partnerships, as well as its experience in technology integration and industrial process development and, of course, its knowledge of oil and chemistry.

MabQuest SA

In 2016, the Cellectis Group also partnered with the US company MabQuest SA, which specializes in biotechnology and the development of antibody-based therapeutic interventions in a research and licensing agreement, the purpose of which is the development of a new class of mononuclear antibodies targeting the PD-1 receptor. These antibodies are known to restore the function of T lymphocytes depleted by chronic antigenic stimulation using a novel mode of action. They are thus differentiated from mononuclear antibodies or anti-PD-1 mAbs, which are the only currently approved antibodies that do not inhibit the PD-1-PDL1 interaction. Anti-PD-1 mAbs can be used in several immunotherapy indications to treat certain cancers. The Cellectis group intends to use these antibodies in combination with several other UCART-engineered product candidates or as a single agent or in combination with other immunotherapy drugs that are already approved.


Finally, in 2014, Cellectis signed one of its largest partnership agreements with the Pfizer Group. This alliance thus led to a phase I trial conducted by the French company Servier, which was also one of the partners in the first Ucart 19 project and Pfizer. A pediatric trial aimed to precisely evaluate the ability of Ucart 19 to induce remission in young patients suffering from a form of relapsed leukemia. Cellectis is contributing to this project through its ability to produce standard treatments from the cells of a single donor with associated production and logistical advantages over individual treatments developed by Pfizer's competitors.

Trade the Cellectis share!
78% of retail CFD accounts lose money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on eToro
Trade the Cellectis share!

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