Trade the Boston Scientific share!

Analysis before buying or selling Boston Scientific shares

Trade the Boston Scientific share!
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If you are one of the investors who wish to buy the Boston Scientific stock, we suggest that you improve your knowledge about this stock and this company in order to perform relevant price analysis. In this article, we will explain the elements that can influence the price of this stock with fundamental analysis, and we will introduce you to Boston Scientific in more detail, its activities and sources of revenue, its main competitors on the market as well as its recent strategic partnerships and some stock market data.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Boston Scientific shares

Analysis N°1

First of all, we must of course remain on the lookout for any new data concerning the innovations that the group may develop and we will keep an eye on the investments it makes in research and development with regard to the highly technological aspect of its products.

Analysis N°2

Any assistance provided by the U.S. government and other governments around the world in equipping hospitals and health care facilities may also influence the Group's sales.

Analysis N°3

The company's partnerships and strategic alliances with other companies specializing in certain innovative fields will also need to be closely monitored in order to create new products and respond to new market demands.

Analysis N°4

It will also be important to keep an eye on the competition in this sector, which, although it has many barriers to entry, has some serious players who are likely to take market share.

Analysis N°5

Finally, we will of course have to keep an eye on the evolution over time of the group's results with the share of net profits and investments, making sure to compare them with analysts' expectations and the objectives set out in its strategic growth plans.

Trade the Boston Scientific share!
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General presentation of Boston Scientific

To help you anticipate future challenges and opportunities for Boston Scientific, we recommend that you have a thorough understanding of the company and its business. We'd like to give you a more complete overview of the company and its main sources of revenue.

Boston Scientific Corporation is an American technology company. More specifically, this company specializes in the design, production and sale of medical devices and equipment.

To better understand the group's activities, they can be divided into different divisions according to the share of turnover they generate and in this way:

  • First of all, technologies related to the cardiovascular field represent the major part of the Group's revenues with 61.1% of the turnover. These include products for cardiological interventions, heart rhythm management, peripheral interventions and others.
  • Endodontic surgery equipment then accounts for 30.8% of the group's sales, with equipment used in endoscopy and urology.
  • Finally, the remaining 8.1% of the turnover comes from neuromodulation equipment.

It is also interesting to know the geographical distribution of the group's turnover, which is 57.4% in the United States, 21.1% in Europe-Middle East and Africa, 17.7% in Asia Pacific and 3.8% in Latin America and Canada. The group currently employs 38,000 people.

Analysis before buying or selling Boston Scientific shares
Trade the Boston Scientific share!
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The major competitors of Boston Scientific

While the barriers to entry in the industry in which Boston Scientific operates are quite high, the group has a number of large, historic competitors that you should be aware of:

Johnson & Johnson 

This US pharmaceutical company specialises in the production of pharmaceutical and medical devices as well as hygiene products, cosmetics and related services for consumers and healthcare professionals.


This company is also active in the field of medical technology at the international level and is based in Dublin, Ireland.

Abbott Laboratories 

This American pharmaceutical company based in Chicago is also a medical and healthcare equipment company. The group currently employs over 90,000 people.

Biosense Webster Inc

This other company is a world leader in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. It offers products in this segment in direct competition with Boston Scientific and is the originator of an innovative technology that streamlines the creation of 3D maps of cardiac structures.

The major partners of Boston Scientific

While Boston Scientific faces some tough competition, it is also building strategic partnerships with other companies, as in the two examples we'll discuss here:

Brainlab AG

In 2015, the group announced a strategic collaboration with this German company, among other things. Through this agreement, the group was able to distribute Brainlab's DBS surgical planning range with Boston Scientific's DBS Vercise system in selected countries and offer physicians cutting-edge technology combined with innovative software capabilities. DBS treatment is intended to address a variety of diseases including Parkinson's disease, and the two companies envisioned that their joint solutions could serve as a platform to increase access to and consistency of care.

Endo International

Also in 2015, the group announced the purchase of Endo International's medical device subsidiary, AMS, for more than $2 billion. Endo had previously bought AMS before facing lawsuits from women claiming to have suffered injuries after having one of its products implanted.

Trade the Boston Scientific share!
79% of retail CFD accounts lose money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on eToro

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to invest in Boston Scientific stock online?

Today, there are several ways for investors to invest in Boston Scientific or other U.S. stocks. You can buy these stocks through certain stock market products such as life insurance or a stock account. You can also choose to use derivatives such as CFDs or Contracts for Difference to bet on the rise or fall of this stock without having to buy it.

How do you know how Boston Scientific's share price will perform?

If it is not possible to predict with certainty how the price of this share will evolve, it remains possible to obtain signals of rise or fall of its price by using in particular the various analyses with your range. These include technical analysis, which uses the most common chart indicators, and fundamental analysis, which is based on external factors that may influence the share price directly or indirectly.

What is the ownership structure of Boston Scientific?

Boston Scientific Group's capital is split between floating shares and major investors including Fidelity Management & Research with 9.11%, Capital Research & Management with 7.74%, The Vanguard Group with 7.62%, Capital Research & Management with 5.26%, SSgA Funds Management with 4.25%, Wellington Management with 3.82%, PRIMECAP Management with 3.21%, Henderson Global Investors with 2.82%, BlackRock Fund Advisors with 2.44% and Janus Capital Management with 2.40%.

Trade the Boston Scientific share!

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