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Analysis before buying or selling BioNano Genomics shares

Trade the BioNano Genomics share!

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Before you start buying Bionano Genomics stock online, it is recommended that you take note of all the information that can help you make a good analysis. In this article, we are going to give you a more detailed presentation of Bionano Genomics and its activities or sources of income. We will also look at its environment with a presentation of its main competitors and adversaries on the market and its recent partnerships. We will also offer you our help in setting up your fundamental analysis of this stock with the elements to watch out for in priority.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying BioNano Genomics shares

Analysis N°1

The BioNano Genomics Group operates in an innovative sector and it will therefore be essential to look at the efforts it is making to improve its portfolio of solutions, particularly its investment in research and development.

Analysis N°2

It is also important to keep an eye on the signing of important supply contracts with large companies that can bring BioNano Genomics additional revenues.

Analysis N°3

The same applies to strategic partnerships and other transactions such as disposals, strategic acquisitions or the creation of joint ventures that may support its activities and growth.

Analysis N°4

Of course, the competition will also be part of the elements that you will have to monitor and, although few in number, you will have to follow closely the big players of this sector of activity with their publications and important events likely to influence the market and the distribution of the market shares.

Analysis N°5

Finally, we must of course take an interest in the profitability of this company, which will determine the price and performance of its shares on the stock market, by studying the group's annual and quarterly financial results.

Analysis before buying or selling BioNano Genomics shares
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General presentation of BioNano Genomics

To be able to anticipate future changes in BioNano Genomics' share price, you also need to have a good understanding of the company and its business. This will help you understand how the company is likely to change over time depending on market conditions.

BioNano Genomics Inc. is an American company that provides optical genome mapping solutions for genome analysis.

Specifically, the company offers tools and services based primarily on its Saphyr system to scientists and clinicians conducting genetic research and patient testing. The group also offers diagnostic testing services for pediatric patients with suspected neurodevelopmental disorders.

The Saphyr system, owned by BioNano Genomics, is an ultra-sensitive and ultra-specific structural variation detection platform that enables researchers and clinicians to search for diagnostics and therapeutic targets and to streamline the identification of structural changes in chromosomes. The system consists of an instrument, consumables for the chip, reagents and a suite of data analysis tools.

The company also markets proprietary molecular genetic diagnostic services for patients with clinical presentations consistent with neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorders and other child developmental disorders.

The BioNano Genomics group currently employs 147 people.

The major competitors of BioNano Genomics

Although the BioNani Genomics group operates in a very specific sector with high barriers to entry, it still faces certain adversaries that we propose to discover here in a quick presentation of the direct competitors of this company.

Nanostring Technologies

This American company is a biotech specializing in the development of diagnostic tools and offers technology that enables a wide variety of research, medical and in vitro diagnostic applications. Working mainly in oncology, the group has received CE marking for a prognostic gene signature test for breast cancer Prosigna.

10X Genomics

This other American company specializes in the design and production of gene sequencing technology that is used for scientific research. This technology is then used in academic centers, research organizations and other biotechs.

Genomic Vision

Finally, the French biotechnology company Genomic Vision specializes in the development of diagnostic tests for genetic diseases and genomic analysis of cancers. It uses technology to detect genome variations and establish their role in a targeted pathology.

The major partners of BioNano Genomics

The BioNano Genomics Group has not recently entered into strategic partnerships with other companies, but regularly makes strategic acquisitions of other smaller companies. This is the case in the example below.


In 2021, BioNano Genomics Group has indeed signed a definitive agreement to acquire BioDiscovery for $100 million with a combination of cash and equity. Shares of $27 million in consideration will be purchased based on continued employee service and a portion of the cash will be contingent upon the completion of the full integration of the GMO data into the BioDiscovery software platform. In effect, the initial consideration is subject to an adjustment for cash, outstanding debt, unpaid transaction costs and working capital against a target. Approximately $27 million of the company's common stock issued as part of the initial merger consideration will vest on a continuous service basis, subject to the terms and conditions of a stock restriction agreement.

Trade the BioNano Genomics share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

In which countries does the BioNano Genomics Group generate its turnover?

BioNano Genomics offers its technology solutions in various countries around the world. Specifically, the company currently generates only 42% of its revenues in the United States, where it is headquartered. It then generates 37.2% of its sales in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa, 10.8% in the North American market, 8% in China and 2% in Asia Pacific.

What is the current ownership structure of BioNano Genomics?

BioNano Genomics Group's capital is mostly free float and the rest is owned by The Vanguard Group (5.04%), Renaissance Technologies LLC (3.40%), SSgA Funds Management Inc (2.69%), 2.52% held by BlackRock Fund Advisors, 1.91% held by Soheil Shams, 1.68% held by Geode Capital Management, 1.15% held by Millenium Management LLC, 0.97% held by Bank Julius Bär & Co, 0.68% held by Susquehanna Financial Group and 0.61% held by Teachers Advisors.

How to anticipate future price changes of BioNano Genomics shares?

If you want to anticipate the future variations of the BioNano Genomics share price, you can refer to the different analyses that traders are used to perform. This of course concerns technical analysis, which is an analysis based on the study of stock market charts and trend indicators, and fundamental analysis, which focuses on the study of the impact of news and events of this company or its sector.

Trade the BioNano Genomics share!

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