Trade in Beyond Meat shares!

Analysis before buying or selling Beyond Meat shares

Trade in Beyond Meat shares!

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Among the American stock market assets that you can trade in online we find the Beyond Meat shares. But before launching yourself in this adventure we offer you the opportunity to improve your knowledge of this asset and company through information that will assist you in completing your analyses of this company’s share price. We will also examine this company and its activities in detail with information on its major competitors and recent partnerships it has signed. Finally we will reveal the advantages and disadvantages of this company and the elements you should favour when undertaking a fundamental analysis of its share price.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying Beyond Meat shares

Analysis N°1

The growth strategy implemented by this company is of course one of the factors that you should prioritise. The group appears to aim its strategy towards an improvement in the key activity sectors in which it operates and an increase in its market share, revenue and global profitability.

Analysis N°2

The competition in this activity sector is particularly high and intense so it is therefore extremely important to pay particular attention to all events and announcements made by this company’s competitors. A rise in the number of competitors in this market could notably reduce its market share and thereby its profit margins unless the Beyond Meat Company succeeds in protecting itself through a proactive strategy.

Analysis N°3

The particularly rigorous regulations of this activity sector should also be closely monitored as any non-respect of the established policies could have a major impact on the operations and financial performance of this group.

Analysis N°4

Finally, we know that the profitability of Beyond Meat is particularly sensitive to the risks of the Forex market. The company generates a large part of its income from the international markets and due to this fact the volatility of the foreign exchange market can directly impact the company’s financial performance and its position relating to its competitors.

Analysis before buying or selling Beyond Meat shares
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77% of retail CFD accounts lose money -

General presentation of Beyond Meat

Buy Beyond Meat shares

A thorough knowledge of the Beyond Meat group is necessary before starting to implement an investment strategy with this asset. We therefore offer you the opportunity to learn more about this company with a more detailed presentation of this company and some information on its activities and major sources of income.

The group Beyond Meat Inc. is an American business that is specialised in the food industry and, more particularly, produces hamburgers made from plants. This company separates its products into different categories such as the Beyond Burger, Beyond Sausage, Beyond Beef Crumbles and Beyond Chicken Strips.

Sales of this range of plant based products produced by this company are completed through the three principal meat platforms; beef, pork and chicken. The company notably produces the cheeseburger with mushrooms and bacon, the original brat from Chef Spike, Roasted garlic pasta with Italian sausage, the Beyond Beef Tacos and the Mac-N Cheese with Butternut Squash by April Ross. Other products produced by this group include the Beyond Spring Burger, Beyond Nacho Burger, Beyond Sausage Stuffed Peppers, Beyond Sausage Tuscan Pasta, Beyond Brat Breakfast Burrito, Beyond Beef Fiesta Power Bowl, Beyond Beef Nachos, the Truffle Mac & Cheese Beyond Burger, Love & Lemons Guacamole Beyond Burger and the Beyond Burger Tostada With Marinated Kale.

The Beyond Meat group currently employs 472 people worldwide, mainly in the United States.

Photo credits: ©nikkimeel/123RF.COM

The major competitors of Beyond Meat

The activity sector in which the Beyond Meat group operates has a growing number of players so it is important to learn about the various competitors of Beyond Meat and the major companies in this activity sector. Here therefore is a quick summary of each of the major adversaries of the Beyond Meat Company together with their activities.

Impossible Food

This is an American company specialised in the development of meat substitutes and vegan cheese products. This company is also based in California and aims to provide customers with products that offer the nutritional benefits and taste of animal based foods without the negative health, animal welfare and environmental aspects of the same. The flagship product of this company is the Impossible Burger that was created in July 2016 and which was the result of several years of research.

Memphis Meat

This Californian company is a food technology company that cultivates long lasting cultivated meat products. This company was founded by a cardiologist and creates various meat products using biotechnology to incite stem cells to produce muscle tissue thereby creating meat products in bioreactors.

Eat Just

Also known as simply ‘Just’, this American company is specialised in the manufacture of plant based foods that are sold internationally. It came into being in 2011, employs around 130 people and notably manufactures alternatives to mayonnaise, vinaigrettes, biscuits, cookie dough, breakfast proteins and cultivated meat.

LightLife Food

This company also produces meat substitutes that are 100% vegetarian and vegan. It was created in 1979.

The major partners of Beyond Meat

Let us take a moment now to explore the principal allies of Beyond Meat and the partnerships that have contributed to a significant increase in its growth and development. Here as follows are the details of recent partnerships signed by the group.


In 2020, the Beyond Meat group notably strengthened an existing partnership with the French Roquette group that supplies it with peas to enable this company to meet the growing demand for its vegan products. In fact, these two companies have worked together for more than a decade now and after the success enjoyed by the meat alternatives produced by the Beyond Meat Company they decided to formalise an agreement relating to the foreseen increase in the volume of vegetable protein provided by the peas sold by Roquette to the Beyond Meat Company.


Another strategic partnership concerns the Casino supermarket chain which signed an agreement with Beyond Meat in 2020 for the distribution in France of their plant based ‘beef’ burgers. Up to this point vegan burgers had only been available in certain French restaurants. The contract between these two companies is in fact a contract of exclusivity for a period of a few weeks as Beyond Meat reserved the right to enter into new partnerships after this time.


Finally, the latest partnership signed by Beyond Meat was with the Starbucks Group and relates to the forthcoming integration of fake meat steaks patented under the American group’s brand name on the Canadian market.

Trade in Beyond Meat shares!
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Positive factors for Beyond Meat shares
The factors in favour of a rise in the Beyond Meat share price:

Concerning the advantages and strengths of this company and its shares we particularly note the following points:

  • The quality of the minced beef substitute of this group is undoubtedly the key to this company’s current success and contributes significantly to this company’s revenue through its texture, taste and general versatility which is very close to that of true meat.
  • The significant growth of the Beyond Meat share price is also an advantage. Since the beginning of 2020 and up to 11 March the company’s share price has risen by 15.98%, during this same period the S&P500 index actually decreased by 10.79%.
  • The strength of the Beyond Meat brand is another major advantage that enables this business to gain new clients and retain its existing clientele.
  • Finally, the revenue of this company displays an exponential growth over the last two financial years.
Negative factors for Beyond Meat shares
The factors in favour of a drop in the Beyond Meat share price:

Regarding the disadvantages and weak points of the Beyond Meat shares we note the following:

  • Firstly, the Beyond Meat Company does not at present pay dividends to shareholders which means that this company’s shares are less attractive to certain investors that prefer this type of company.
  • Finally, and despite the net performance of this share price on the stock markets the Beyond Meat Company is not currently profitable.
The information supplied here is only for indicative purposes and should not be used without the completion of a comprehensive and complete fundamental analysis of this asset notably taking into account exterior data, future publications and announcements and all fundamental events and news that could influence the strengths and weaknesses or make them more or less significant. This information does not in any way constitute recommendations relating to the completion of transactions or a solicitation to buy or sell an asset.

Frequently Asked Questions

How has the share price changed of the company Beyond Meat since its IPO?

Since its introduction onto the stock markets at 25 dollars per share the share price of the Beyond Meat Company has experienced a strong increase in points. In fact, at the beginning of this year, 2020, we note that the share price was quoted at close to 110 dollars, four times that of its introductory price despite a decidedly zig-zag growth with regular downwards corrections.

Is it possible to trade in Beyond Meat shares in Europe?

Although it can be relatively complicated to find a stock market placement to buy Beyond Meat shares in Europe it is still possible to profit from this asset and its volatility by speculating on its share price using CFD contracts. These contracts are actually available through authorized online brokers throughout Europe that offer international shares including some from American companies.

When did Beyond Meat make its entry onto the stock markets?

It was in April 2019 that the Beyond Meat Company was first partially introduced onto the stock markets with nearly 180 million dollars thus bringing its total stock market capital to between 1.2 and 1.5 billion dollars. At that time the Beyond Meat Company achieved a turnover of 87.9 million dollars with an annual loss of nearly 30 million dollars.

Trade in Beyond Meat shares!

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