The major Belgium stocks

In this category, you can find out which are the major Belgium stocks

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The major Belgium stocks

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Where Belgium stocks are listed :

The shares of listed Belgium companies are quoted on the Euronext Brussels market. In the past, this financial centre was called the BSE or Brussels Stock Exchange. It was created in 1801 by a decree of Napoleon Bonaparte.

In 2001, the Brussels Stock Exchange merged with the Paris Stock Exchange and the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and the three financial centres created the Euronext market. Euronext thus became the first pan-European stock exchange for stocks and derivatives.

Today, when you look up the price of a Belgium stock, it is mainly listed on Euronext Brussels.


The main stock market index for the major Belgium stocks :

The Belgium stocks that you will be able to trade online are almost all included in the composition of the BEL 20 stock market index, which is the benchmark index for the Belgium market.

This index is managed by the NYSE Euronext group and is a basket index. This means that it is calculated by weighting the stocks that make it up. It is distributed in real time by Euronext Brussels. It should be noted that the stocks making up this index are not necessarily listed on Euronext Brussels and some of these stocks may be listed on other reference financial markets.

In fact, the stocks included in the BEL 20 index are the most volatile stocks on Euronext Brussels and those of the 20 listed companies with the highest floating market capitalisation, i.e. those with the highest number of shares actually in circulation on the market. Certain financial products such as trackers are backed by this index and are also listed on Euronext Brussels.

Moreover, this index is revised annually and the companies that make it up must be representative of the Belgium market and have a free float of at least 15%. The free float of these companies must also exceed the index price, which is valued on the last day of the preceding year, by a minimum factor of 300,000. When this factor falls below 200,000 at the time of the annual review, the stock is removed from the index.

Likewise, a company that is included in the composition of this index may under no circumstances have a weighting calculated on the basis of its free float that exceeds 12% of the composition of this index. Thereafter and at the time of annual revisions, this weighting may not exceed 15%.

It should also be noted with regard to this index that a minimum of 35% of the stocks in the index must have changed hands during the previous financial year. This limit then increases to 30% for stocks already present in this index.

The price of this BEL 20 index is revised every 15 seconds.


What are the major Belgium stocks that you can trade online?

As you will have understood, the major Belgium stocks are also those that make up the BEL 20 stock market index, as they are also the most liquid and therefore the stocks that will probably experience the greatest variation. Here are the stocks that are currently included in the BEL 20 index:

  • AB Inbev in the brewing sector
  • Ackermans & Van Haaren in the business segment conglomerates
  • Ageas in the insurance sector
  • Aperam in the steel industry.
  • arGen-X in the business sector pharmaceutical industry
  • Barco in the technology industry sector
  • Cofinimmo in the sector of activity of property companies
  • Coltuyt Group in the distribution business sector
  • Galapagos in the pharmaceutical industry sector of activity
  • GBL in the financial holding companies business segment
  • ING in the banking sector
  • KBC in the banking sector
  • Ontex in the Personal and Household Goods industry sector
  • Proximus in the telecommunications business sector
  • Sofina in the financial holding companies business segment
  • Solvay in the chemicals industry business sector
  • Telenet Group in the business segment Telecom Services
  • UCB in the pharmaceutical industry business sector
  • Umicore in the chemical industry business sector
  • WDP in the land company business sector


How to analyse and trade the major Belgium stocks?

In this section of our site, we will present all the Belgium stocks that are among the major and that you can trade online, giving you useful information for your analysis. We will reveal to you as follows;

  • The precise activities of the company
  • Its main competitors on the market
  • Its recent strategic partnerships
  • News items for use in your fundamental analyses
  • Stock market data about the listing of this security (capitalization, number of securities in circulation, place of quotation/market, main stock market index and sector of activity)