Trade the AMS share!

Analysis before buying or selling AMS shares

Trade the AMS share!
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Before investing online in the share price of the AMS Company you should take into account certain factors that could influence its growth over time. To assist you in this task we offer you explanations and useful information in this article relating to this company with details on its activity sector and different sources of income, its major competitors on these markets and its recent strategic partnerships. We will also explain how to achieve a complete fundamental analysis of this company’s share price using the most pertinent events and news.

Elements to consider before selling or buying AMS shares

Analysis N°1

Technological innovation is particularly central to the development strategy of the AMS Group. To this end it is recommended to monitor the investments completed by this company in R & D as well as the launch of new innovative technological products.

Analysis N°2

In the same way, we would closely follow the international expansion strategy of this company with the implementation of partnerships, the acquisition of new entities or creation of joint ventures in different countries or markets judged to be of strategic value.

Analysis N°3

The AMS Group exercises its activities in a highly competitive sector, it is therefore important to follow the news and innovations of its major adversaries that we will detail later on.

Analysis N°4

Finally, you should also of course be aware of all the financial data published by this group, particularly the annual and quarterly results that should preferably be compared with the predictions made by specialists and the objectives fixed by the company’s strategic development plans.

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General presentation of AMS

Let us now examine some supplementary information about the AMS Company as well as its activities and retail products to better understand the environment in which it exercises its activities and the principal challenges it faces.

The Austria Mikro Système Company, or AMS AG, is an Austrian company specialised in the new technology sector. More precisely this company exercises its activities in the design, manufacture and sales of semi conductors.

To better understand the activities of this group it is possible to divide them into several sectors according to the amount of turnover each sector generates and how they do so:

  • The sale of products is the principal source of income for this group and enables it to achieve nearly 97.7% of its annual turnover.  The products sold include captors, transmitters, power convertors, interface captors, integrated circuits and other items which are notably destined for the industrial market, the automobile sector, the health sector and mobile communications.
  • The remaining 2.3% of this company’s turnover is generated through foundry service activities provided for third parties.

It is equally advantageous to know the geographical distribution of this group’s activities as AMS currently achieves 16.7% of its turnover in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, 81.3% in Pacific Asia and 2% in America.

Analysis before buying or selling AMS shares
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The major competitors of AMS

You now have the opportunity to learn about the direct competition to the AMS Company with a brief presentation of each of the major companies in this activity sector which represent the main adversaries to this company.

NVidia Corporation 

This company is particularly specialised in the design of graphic processors, graphics cards and graphics microchips for PCs and games consoles.

Intel Corporation 

This American company is currently the world leader in the semi conductor sector in terms of turnover.


This company, a subsidiary of Siemens AG, is a German company specialised in semi conductors. It has been quoted on the stock markets since the year 2000. Infineon is the largest seller of components for micro chips.


Advanced Micro Devices is an American specialist of semi conductors, microprocessors and graphics cards.


Previously known as Symantec, this American company is specialised in IT software.

The major partners of AMS

We now offer you the opportunity to learn more about the strategic partnerships that the AMS Group has implemented over recent years with details of two particular examples of alliances with other companies.

Ibeo Automotive Systems

In 2019 AMS signed a partnership agreement with two German companies, Ibeo Automotive Systems and ZF Friedrichschafen with the objective of collaborative research. These three companies worked together to promote the future of Lidar remote sensing laser technology in the autonomous vehicles sector. This technology actually uses optic sensors that enable the measuring of the distance and direction of nearby objects.


Still in 2019 AMS became associated with the Chinese pioneer in artificial intelligence, MEGVII, through a strategic partnership. This collaborative agreement concerned the marketing of 3D facial recognition solutions for electronic consumer products as well as for industry. The two companies clearly stated that their aim was to launch the first facial recognition range for different smart applications for sectors including domestic automation, retail sales, construction and security that were totally independent of the user’s mobile telephone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the last financial results published by the AMS Company?

Knowing the last annual financial results of the AMS Group is of course essential if you wish to invest in this asset. In 2020 the group published its financial report for the 2019 financial year which showed a turnover of 1,426 million Euros and a net result of 93.4 million Euros. Apart from the annual results you should also take into account the intermediate financial results of this group that are published every quarter.

How to invest in the rise or fall of the AMS share price?

If you wish to have the opportunity to trade in both the rising and falling movements of the AMS share price then you can do so through CFD contracts that enable you to take this type of position, in either direction. These ‘Contracts for the Difference’ are available online through trading platforms provided by brokers that are specialised in this type of transactions.

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