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Analysis before buying or selling ALD Automotive shares

Trade the ALD Automotive share!

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If you want to invest in ALD Automotive's share price online, we suggest that you first find out how to make a good analysis of this stock on the stock market thanks to precise information about this company. We will present this group as well as the details of its activities and sources of revenue, but also its main competitors in its sector of activity and its recent partnerships. We will also look at the fundamental analysis of this stock with the publications and events to be followed in priority for their impact on the share.

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Elements to consider before selling or buying ALD Automotive shares

Analysis N°1

First of all, the group's operations to boost its international presence with the opening of new branches abroad or the acquisition of new companies in this sector and in strategic markets must of course be taken into account.

Analysis N°2

It will also be important to follow with interest the partnerships that the ALD Automotive group may set up with other companies in order to promote its services and win new customers.

Analysis N°3

Of course, the competition in this sector must also be monitored, which is increasingly important due to the importance of this market and the opportunities it offers. More and more car rental companies are starting to offer LDD or LOA services and there are many new competitors.

Analysis N°4

The group's strategic forecasts and development plans are also important if you want to anticipate future price movements in this stock and should take into account the objectives set by the group for the current year and the years to come.

Analysis N°5

Of course, you will also need to look at the actual financial results of the company, including turnover, operating profit and free cash flow. You will want to compare this with analysts' forecasts and expectations and with the objectives of strategic development plans.

Analysis before buying or selling ALD Automotive shares
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79% of retail CFD accounts lose money -

General presentation of ALD Automotive

Now, we suggest you deepen your knowledge about ALD Automotive by discovering a complete presentation of this company and its activities in its sector. Knowing how this group generates its revenues will help you understand how it can progress and develop in the future.

The ALD Automotive group is a French company specialising in the vehicle rental sector. More precisely, the group offers long-term vehicle leasing services and is also in charge of vehicle fleet management. In order to better understand ALD Automotive's activities, they can be divided into four different divisions:

  • Long-term car rental: This is a rental service for private individuals and companies for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, electric vehicles and two-wheelers.
  • Fleet management: The second most important activity of the group concerns the management of the company's fleet of vehicles, including assistance, maintenance, tyre management, replacement and insurance services.
  • Next, there are medium-term car rental services, with vehicles rented for periods ranging from 1 to 12 months.
  • Finally, the group is also active in the sale of second-hand vehicles.

Currently, ALD Automotive operates a fleet of over 1,758,000 vehicles.

The major competitors of ALD Automotive

If a good knowledge of the ALD Automotive group and its activities is important, you will also need to know the different competitors of this company. We therefore offer you a complete presentation of these competitors:


The group's most important competitor is undoubtedly Arval, a French company that was founded in 1989 and is present in more than 15 locations in the French market. In addition, the Arval group operates in some 30 countries around the world and employs 7,000 people. Arval is also a wholly-owned subsidiary of BNP Paribas, where it is integrated into the Retail Banking business area. The subsidiary Arval France offers dedicated solutions to professional customers, SMEs, large international groups and public bodies, aimed at optimising employee mobility and outsourcing the risks of vehicle fleet management.


Another important competitor of the ALD Automotive group is the Dutch multinational company LeasePlan, which has been specialising in fleet management since 1963. This company is also the international leader in this sector of activity and is established in more than 32 countries around the world. The company manages more than 1.8 million vehicles on full service leases and also offers fleet management services. A large majority of its employees, 85%, work in the Netherlands.

Sixt International

Finally, the last serious competitor to ALD Automotive is the Sixt International group, a German company specialising in car rental and founded in 1912 in Munich.

The major partners of ALD Automotive

Among the strategic operations of the ALD Automotive group that you should take into account in your analyses, there are of course strategic partnerships. Here we present three recent examples of this type of alliance:

G2 Mobility

First of all, as part of the group's ALD Electric offer, which enables companies to test the introduction of electric vehicles within a fleet, the group has formed a partnership with the company G2 Mobility. The offer includes the study of the need to maintain and monitor the vehicles, as well as the installation of the client's infrastructure. The aim of this partnership is to respond more effectively to customer problems, as G2 Mobility is a specialist in electric charging stations. It can therefore offer its customers adapted solutions for energy management and intelligent vehicle charging.


Another strategic partnership has been set up with the AlloPneus group. ALD Automotive offers a mobile tyre fitting service that allows drivers to avoid travelling and therefore save time when replacing their tyres, as the car centre comes to the site. This service is offered at no extra cost for all vehicles that have a flat-rate tyre management service and is exclusive to ALD Automotive. AlloPneus offers a range of over 70,000 tyre references stored in France and available immediately. It is a service capable of meeting all drivers' needs, from the classic tyres that equip most vehicles to specific tyres for commercial vehicles, base size vehicles, runflats or competition vehicles.

Wheels Inc

Finally, the group has also created a partnership with the American company Wheels Inc and with AutoCorp, an Argentinean car leasing company. It has thus become the first international vehicle fleet management company in that country. Autocorp is a leasing company offering a full range of long-term rental services to multinational companies throughout the country.

Trade the ALD Automotive share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the largest shareholders in the ALD Automotive group?

The ALD Automotive group's shareholder base includes several major shareholders including Société Générale which currently holds over 79.8% of the company's shares, Mawer Investment Management Ltd which holds 1.94%, Capital Research & Management with 1.91%, Alken Asset Management with 1.47%, Norges Bank Investment Management with 1.25%, Deka Investment with 0.73%, Teachers Advisors with 0.63%, The Vanguard Group with 0.52%, AXA Investment Managers with 0.44% and Formeupleje A/S Fondsmaeglerselskab with 0.39%.

How to set up a good technical analysis of the ALD Automotive share?

If you want to carry out a good technical analysis of the ALD Automotive share, you should use various technical indicators, including volatility or trend indicators such as moving averages, the stochastic indicator, the MACD, Bollinger bands or pivot points and support and resistance levels. Make sure you also use customisable charts, especially in terms of periodicity, and carry out fundamental analysis in parallel.

Where can I find relevant information on ALD Automotive group news and results?

To find out more about the financial results of the ALD Automotive group, you can go directly to the company's website in the section reserved for investors and shareholders. You will find details of the balance sheets and general meetings, as well as the group's major news and publications likely to influence its stock market performance.

Trade the ALD Automotive share!
79% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. This is an advert for trading CFDs on XTB