Trade the Albemarle share!

Analysis before buying or selling Albemarle shares

Trade the Albemarle share!
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Before taking position on the Albemarle share price online we offer the opportunity through this dedicated article for you to familiarise yourself with this company and its direct economic environment. In fact, by learning about this company, its activities and principal sources of income, its competitors and allies, you will increase the chances of completing comprehensive analyses of its share price thereby taking pertinent and effective positions and making a successful investment. We will also explain how to complete a good fundamental analysis of this asset by explaining the relevant events and publications you should follow.

Elements to consider before selling or buying Albemarle shares

Analysis N°1

You should of course monitor closely the industrial sectors that represent Alemarle’s clientele and figures relating to their growth which will determine the long term demand requirements for this company’s products.

Analysis N°2

The development of new production and processing procedures of products produced by Albermarle could also be an important indicator for any rise in this company’s revenue.

Analysis N°3

It is also recommended to monitor the direct competitors of this company particularly the market share of each and the events susceptible to influence the market.

Analysis N°4

It is clearly also important to follow closely the various strategic operations of this company such as its partnerships, acquisitions and mergers.

Analysis N°5

Finally, we would of course closely follow the financial results of this company as well as the analysts’ forecasts and the objectives fixed by the company’s strategic development plans.

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General presentation of Albemarle

We shall now examine the Albemarle Company in more detail together with its activities. This information will in fact be useful to you to understand the group’s growth possibilities.

The Albemarle Corporation is an American company specialised in the manufacture of specialty chemical products. These products are destined for companies related to oil refinery, energy storage, and electrical items for the general public, construction, culture protection, the automobile industry, food security and the pharmaceutical industry.

To better understand the activities of the Albemarle Group we can divide them into different sectors according to the turnover that each sector generates and how:

  • Lithium and polymer solutions represent 37.8% of this group’s turnover.
  • Bromine represents 29.6% of its turnover.
  • Refinery solutions alone generate 28% of this company’s turnover.
  • Finally, the remainder of this group’s turnover, representing 4.6%, is generated by various other products.

The Albemarle Group currently operates 31 production sites around the world and achieves nearly 76.1% its turnover internationally. This company employs nearly 6,000 people.

Analysis before buying or selling Albemarle shares
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The major competitors of Albemarle

You now have the opportunity to read useful information related to the major competitors of the Albemarle Company:


The Sociedad Quimica y Minera de Chile, or SQD, is a Chilean chemical company. It is a supplier of vegetal nutrients, iodine and lithium as well as various other industrial chemical products. It is the largest producer of Lithium worldwide.


Through its subsidiary Tianqi Lithium, this Chinese company is specialised in the extraction and sale of lithium.

FMC Corporation 

This American competitor specialises in agricultural chemical products including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides as well as inorganic chemical products.


An Australian company that specialises in the extraction of lithium and borax in Argentina and is included in the S & P / ASX 300 stock market index.

The major partners of Albemarle

We now offer you the opportunity to learn about the strategic allies of Albemarle with two examples of their recent partnerships:


This company became associated with Albemarle for some larger projects and entrusted Albemarle with the production of pharmaceutical materials on manufacturing sites for antihistamines, cough suppressants and anti inflammatory products. The principal advantage of this partnership for Pharmacore was therefore the opportunity to expand its production capabilities and thereby respond more effectively to demand.


More recently, the Albemarle Group also implemented another significant strategic partnership. This was a signed agreement relating to the heavy load hydro cracking field for the commercial catalysers unit with the Synopec Catalyst Co Ltd and another subsidiary, the Synopec Funshun Oil and Petrochemicals Research Institute. These companies and entities combined with the catalyser activities of Albemarle for a cooperative project in the sector of hydro cracking catalysts. This cooperative was therefore both worldwide and exclusive between these companies and entities. In this way Albemarle, SCC and FRIPP were able to combine their power to become the premier supplier of hydro cracking catalysts and pre treatment and hydro cracking catalysts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the geographical distribution of the turnover of the Albemarle Company?

The Albemarle Company achieves a significant share of its turnover from outside the United States. In fact, only 23.9% of this company’s turnover is derived from the American market. In second place we find South Korea where this company achieves 12.9% of its turnover. Albemarle generates 9.9% of its turnover in China, 9.1% in Japan and the remaining 44.1% is from various other countries around the world.

How to know if the Albemarle share price will rise or fall?

To be able to understand how the Albemarle share price is susceptible to react over the coming weeks and months or a shorter period you must be able to analyse this asset using different methods including a fundamental analysis which uses information from news and events and a technical analysis. The latter is actually based on stock market charts using technical volatility and trend indicators.

What are the different methods for investing in Albemarle shares?

There are different methods available for investing in the Albemarle share price. You can for example choose to buy these shares to add to your stock market portfolio or opt for trading in them through CFD contracts, otherwise known as ‘Contracts For the Difference’. The latter are accessible directly through online brokers and enable you to trade in real time on the rise or on the fall in this asset price according to the trends.

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