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Analysis before buying or selling Adyen shares

Trade the Adyen share!

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Before you start buying or selling Adyen stock online, we suggest that you acquire some essential knowledge that will help you make a good analysis of this stock. In this dedicated article, you will find detailed information about the Adyen Group, its main activities and sources of income, as well as information about its industry with its direct competitors in the market, its main recent partnerships and advice on how to carry out a good fundamental analysis of this stock, taking into account the most important publications and news data.

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ISIN code: NL0012969182
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Elements to consider before selling or buying Adyen shares

Analysis N°1

First of all, it will be important to keep an eye on the establishment of strategic partnerships between Adyen and other international companies. These partnerships and alliances are part of Adyen's expansion and growth strategy and can be the starting point for an upward trend.

Analysis N°2

It will also be important to monitor any large service provision contracts that Adyen may win in the market and which will therefore bring it significant profits.

Analysis N°3

The company's technological innovation strategy should also be followed very closely and we recommend that you monitor the group's investments in research and development.

Analysis N°4

Adyen's main competitors on the market and in its various segments should also be closely monitored in order to assess the possible evolution of their market shares and the influence of their significant news.

Analysis N°5

Finally, it will of course be necessary to take into account the changing habits of users with regard to payments.

Analysis before buying or selling Adyen shares
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General presentation of Adyen

Let's start our discovery of the Adyen share with the discovery of its issuing company, the Adyen company. A good knowledge of this company and its activities is indeed essential if you wish to invest efficiently on this stock and take reliable and profitable strategic positions.

The Adyen Group is a Dutch company specialising in the technology sector and which is notably specialised in contactless payments. As such, Adyen offers a unique integrated platform to facilitate contactless payments for merchants across channels and geographies.

The Adyen Group went public recently, in 2018, and offers a market capitalisation of more than €20 billion today. The company's annual results since its IPO have been surprisingly strong and overwhelmingly positive. At the time of its IPO in 2018, Adyen made a lot of noise by seeing its value immediately rise to high levels and reached over €14 billion in market capitalisation in one session.

The group's clients include large corporations with the Spotify and Uber platforms and distributors such as Etam and Mango.

The major competitors of Adyen

Since its IPO in 2018, the Adyen Group has come a long way and has become Europe's third largest group in the online payment segment. It is therefore essential to be familiar with its two main competitors, which we will present here in more detail:


Formerly known as Streamine and then RBS WorldPay, this payment service provider was created in 1989 and today specialises in online credit card payment solutions. It is the leader in this sector.


Wirecard AG is a German technology and financial services company specialising in risk management, credit card production and transaction processing. It has recently developed an online payment service in direct competition with Adyen's service.

The major partners of Adyen

In addition to knowing Adyen's competitors, you should also be familiar with its main allies, which we will discuss in more detail here with the recent partnerships that this company has set up:


In 2019 in particular, Adyen has set up a partnership with Alipay, which is none other than the world's leading payment services platform and is managed by Ant Financial Services Group, the financial subsidiary of the Chinese group Alibaba. This partnership targets in particular the AliExpress, Taobao, Tmall and Alibaba brands for which Adyen will facilitate the management of payments outside the Chinese market. For Alibaba, this partnership supports the improvement and harmonisation of its payment management.


In 2018, it is with the Keyrus group that Adyen has set up a strategic partnership to enable it to offer unified commerce solutions to companies. Keyrus, then the market leader in digital commerce consulting, provided a unified commerce solution of the payment process for companies looking for a better customer experience. Adyen's solution manages all financial transactions and allows harmonization of the experience across different channels and devices.

Trade the Adyen share!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the latest interesting figures published by Adyen?

Several interesting figures have been published for the Adyen Group's 2019 financial year. For example, it is known that during this year, the group processed more than 240 billion euros in transactions through its payment solution. Its net income reached €497 million and its EBITDA was posted at €279 million. These data are available on the company's official website.

What official documents can be used for Adyen's fundamental analysis?

To analyse the Adyen share using the fundamental method, you can use the various reports available on the company's website in the investor section. In this section, you will find detailed annual and quarterly results of the company as well as year-on-year comparisons of these results.

Can Adyen shares be traded up and down online?

Yes! The CFDs offered by online equity trading platforms allow you to speculate in both directions on the evolution of Adyen's share price. So you can trade both on the rise of this stock or on its fall, depending on the trend you wish to follow.

Trade the Adyen share!

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